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Retiree's Corner

Retiree Meeting   
September 16th
11:00 a.m.
2261 Waters Drive
St Paul, MN 55120

                Thanks to Pat Mc Carty and Dan Blees, the Retirees Chapter of the St. Paul Area Local is alive and well. Pat’s dedicated service since the Chapter was formed has been outstanding. Because of him, the Chapter survived some pretty rough spots.

As the newly elected Chapter President, I look forward to his continued support, along with the support of the folks who have continued to attend meetings since the Chapter was formed. 
Dan Blees was recently elected Treasurer, and Joe Marino was recently elected Secretary of the Chapter.

I would like to extend an invitation to all the Local’s retired members to come join us.

The Chapter meets every other month on the 3rd Wednesday at 11 AM. The next meeting will be on July 15th at the Local’s office on Waters Street.  Our meetings are lively; we get some work done and we catch up on our post retirement lives, but most important we have a good time. It really is good to see old friends.

President Elkerton is available to bring us up to date on happenings in the Post Office and in the Congress.  As retirees we are no longer prohibited from political activities and can even campaign for candidates we choose to support. We can do a lot to help ensure the survival of the Postal Service as well as to protect our retirement benefits that current postal employees cannot do. If we don’t fight to protect our retirement benefits as well as our pay, then we can’t blame the loss of same on anyone but ourselves.   We will provide information you need if you choose to get politically active; however, we will not try to coerce you into anything you don’t want to do.

I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. 

Lola Reed Langford,
Chapter President 

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the following links are a letter the Chapter received from Judy  Beard at APWU Headquarters.  We will discuss the letter at the November 19th meeting.

Judy Beard Page 1

Judy Beard Page 2

Judy Beard Page 3

Helpful Links for Retired Members

Retiree Articles

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  RETIREES  If you haven’t paid your 2014 dues yet, they are now due!IF you have the death benefit, the yearly dues are $18.00.If you just want membership, but not the death benefit, your dues are $12.00 a year!   Thanks for  staying a member of your union!  

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  Congratulations New Retirees!!!  

The St Paul Area Local APWU Retirees Chapter wants to congratulate and extend best wishes to all our new retirees. “Retirement is a time to quit living at work and begin working at living”. 

We also invite you to continue your national APWU membership as a retiree at an annual fee of $36. This will allow you to receive updates and info from “The American Postal Worker” magazine and automatically makes you a member of our local Social / Rec Chapter. 

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To contact the retiree's chapter you may email

If you need to contact the Local about dues or any other related question, please call us at 651-778-1637