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Retiree's Corner

  RETIREES  If you haven’t paid your 2013 dues yet, they are now due!IF you have the death benefit, the yearly dues are $18.00.If you just want membership, but not the death benefit, your dues are $12.00 a year!   Thanks for  staying a member of your union!  

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  Congratulations New Retirees!!!  

The St Paul Area Local APWU Retirees Chapter wants to congratulate and extend best wishes to all our new retirees. “Retirement is a time to quit living at work and begin working at living”. 

We also invite you to continue your national APWU membership as a retiree at an annual fee of $36. This will allow you to receive updates and info from “The American Postal Worker” magazine and automatically makes you a member of our local Social / Rec Chapter. 

We will be discussing upcoming events and ideas for future events at our next meeting on
Wednesday, March 20th, 11:00 AM, at the Eagan Union office.
Snacks and beverages will be served.
All retirees are welcome. 
Stop by and say hello. Best of luck to you all and hope to see you in March!   

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APWU            St. Paul, MN Area Local        APWU
Todd Elkerton , President                          1/24/13                    651-778-1637

 Retirement Fever

The number of people that are scheduled to retire has been a difficult number to obtain.  However, it looks like up to 130 people that the St. Paul APWU represents will be retiring on January 31, 2013.  With so many people preparing for retirements we are getting a large number of questions.  This bulletin will attempt to answer the basics. The Union continues to be a valuable resource for retiree members to go to when they are unable to get questions answered.  The St. Paul APWU values these retiree members and gladly provides help where possible.

Retiree Membership

As a retiree you will have some choices to make concerning Membership, both the Local and National offer retirees a reasonable way to stay a member and keep open the door for your questions and needs.  Upon retirement, both the Local and National will send you a letter of how continue membership.  Remember these are two different programs with two different dues structures and benefits.

St. Paul, MN Local Membership

If you wish to remain a retired member of the St. Paul, MN Area Local dues are $12.00 per year payable January 1st of each year.  This entitles you to participate in all activities of this Local to include union meetings and functions.  These activities are announced in the Local’s newsletter “Postmark” that will be mailed to your house as a retired member.  Further, if you wish to remain in the Death Benefit, which pays $800.00 to your designated beneficiary, there is an additional $6.00 added to your retiree membership dues for a total of $18.00 a year. The dues are prorated for those not retiring on the first of the year.Recently the retirees of this local have started a retiree chapter that meets regularly and discusses topics that affect you as a retiree.  One of the more recent meetings they saw a presentation of Medicare and how it works with Health Care.  If you continue as a retiree member stay involved and attend one of these meetings.  The dates and times are printed in the Postmark.

APWU National Membership

If you are in the APWU Health Plan you will need to maintain this membership.  The National Membership is $36.00 per year.  This membership provides that you will continue to receive The American Postal Worker, enrolls you in the APWU accident benefit plan and many other member benefits.  Specifics can be found at under the department of Retirees.  For those that do not have access to a computer you can contact the Retiree Department at the following address:               
Retiree Department
1300 L Street
Washington, DC 20005

Give Management Your Address

APWU members that are retiring and want to receive their incentive checks in the mail are required to fill out PS Form 3077.  The incentive agreement stipulates that employees will complete PS Form 3077, Request to Forward Salary Check, and submit it to their employing office.
The incentive payments will be distributed to the address provided by the employee. In absence of the submission of PS Form 3077, both payments will be mailed to the locations where the employees WORKED before they retired or resigned.  

What’s the Last Day

It is clear from the questions that some retiring members are unsure of what the last day to report to work will be under this January 31st date.  If you are scheduled to work Thursday January 31st, retiring employees should report for duty that day.

Tour 1

A Tour 1 employee who is normally scheduled to work on January 31st, the last work day will be the shift that starts on January 30th and ends on January 31st.  So those employees report on Wednesday night at the reporting time and when they finish work on Thursday they are now retired.

Tour 2 and Tour 3

A Tour 2 or Tour 3 employee will be required to report to work on Thursday and will start their retirement at the conclusion of their shift.

The St. Paul, MN Area Local wishes all that are retiring a long and healthy retirement  and thanks everyone for their endless support to the Union.

 At the March meeting, the following offices were unopposed and are thereby elected:

President – Pat McCarty
Treasurer – Dan Blees
Recording Secretary – Mike Mazurkiewicz
Trustee – Mark Hayden

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Advice Center Now Available for Retirees
APWU Web News Article 115-2010, Oct. 19, 2010
Retirement decisions are among the most important  and daunting  that members can make. Now, navigating the paperwork and understanding retirement plans is easier, thanks to the APWU Retiree Advice Center.Retired APWU members  or members who plan to retire in the near future  can now e-mail their retirement-related questions to

The union’s expert team of retirement counselors will answer questions regarding military buy-back, disability retirement, Social Security, Medicare, part-time regular calculations, supplemental annuity, cost-of-living adjustments, reporting death claims, Windfall Elimination and Government Pension Offset, or any questions pertaining to retirement planning.
Members are also encouraged to visit the Retirees Department pages at for updates on these issues.Postal employees are encouraged to join the Retirees Department to stay in touch with co-workers and fellow retirees, and learn more about benefits and retirement issues.

To do so, visit the Retirees Department pages for an enrollment form, or download it directly at

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